Azotus Aviation Consultancy is a company specialized in aircraft management and chartering. Our primaries objectives are to simplify in identifying the constraints that our clients might face in chartering an aircraft occasionally or regularly. We always try to find the best solution for our client in order having them a wonderful experience. It is the reason why Azotus Aviation Consultancy team is dedicated to provide to his customers a safe, professional reliable and good service all the time. Our philosophy and our convictions are to understand our client expectations. It is for this reason Azotus Aviation Consultancy had to build a strong team composed with professional and experienced people available 24/7.

The real driving force of Azotus Aviation Consultancy is Safety and confidentiality.  Azotus Aviation Consultancy s commitment is to always verify companies respect a minimum standard for safety and confidentiality. We constantly focus on giving the best service to our customers, therefore, Azotus Aviation Consultancy will be able to provide on request to its customers personalized catering, limousine and other luxurious services. We always try to find the best solution for our client in order for them to have a wonderful experience. That is why we will be proud to offer you a unique and personalized moment for your flight.

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